Software Engineer-FEA

Job Description: Position Overview Siemens is looking for an expert in the areas of computational solid mechanics and commercial finite element software development in the USA. This position entails developing and deploying production FEA solutions within Siemens PLM finite element software programs. o Main objective is to develop nonlinear mechanics capabilities for deployment in Simcenter Nastran, Siemens' flagship finite element software program. o Robustness and usability of the features delivered will drive future responsibilities and objectives in this role. o You will be a part of a team of about 15 computational mechanics developers, and report to Simcenter Nastran development manager. Responsibilities o Design, develop and deploy nonlinear mechanics capabilities, and libraries for consumption in Simcenter Nastran. o Work with Product Managers to understand customer requirements, and translate them to PDE, ODE (Partial and Ordinary Differential Equations), and algebraic equations. o Work with QA, Technical Support and Technical Doc groups to verify implementation, develop examples, and documentation. o Sample areas include nonlinear element and material technologies, and contact and constraints algorithms involving vector and scalar diffusion equations covering solid, thermal and acoustics physics with an emphasis on scalability and architecture. Required Knowledge/Skills, Education, and Experience o PhD in Applied and/or Computational Mechanics, or Applied Mathematics, or Mechanical, Aerospace, Civil, or Bio/Biomedical Engineering, with a focus on theoretical and computational aspects of development in solid mechanics and multiphysics. o Up to 10 years of experience in developing production finite element software. Exceptional entry level candidates will be considered as well. o Demonstrated knowledge in continuum mechanics and FEA, and ability to:   Design and implement algorithms/data structures for computational mechanics;   Contribute in the value chain from engineering problem statement, through PDE     formulation, weak form, residual and Jacobian evaluation;   Develop software programs in C++/Fortran/C o Planning and Communication abilities: ? Excellent oral and written English communication skills, ? Work collaboratively in an agile team by defining and planning the work of    development, QA and Application engineers; ? Communicate a clear understanding of the technology to other teams and customers. o Travel: 5% Preferred Knowledge/Skills, Education, and Experience   o HPC (High Performance Computing) experience with MIC and GP-GPU hardware. o Python, PERL and other scripting languages. o Agile development methods and tools. 232948
Salary Range: NA
Minimum Qualification
8 - 10 years

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